Annual Maintenance

Our Strategic global sourcing initiatives can generate substantial savings
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Sales and Annual Maintenance Contracts

At Compulease Networks we provide total hardware maintenance services to maximize business-critical systems. Partnering with Compulease Networks will give you access to over 25 years Industry experience, by investing in the right people, an agile processes and strong infrastructure. We at Compulease Networks strive to deliver cost-effective maintenance services that meet and exceed your Information Technology goals.

Compulease Networks enables you to extend the life of your data centre and information technology hardware way beyond OEM ‘end-of-life’ dates. How can your IT be end of life when your business relies on IT?

It is crucial to be prepared for your hardware’s End of Life and End of Life dates set by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Extend the life of your technology by signing up for our third party maintenance programs

Would you rather extend your OEM support at a premium which may no longer be available or would you rather get the same support for your products at 80% of the price offered to you by the manufacturers. With our multi vendor network across the globe we can support every hardware within your IT Infrastructure. We are available to ensure that we keep your SLA to the least possible timeline.


Key Benefits

Maintenance & repair services of leading multi-vendor strategy

Large IT stockiest with over 50,000 parts

24/7/365 remote monitoring

Manufacturer accredited engineers

Multi-platform support including legacy systems

Substantial cost savings against OEM support

SLAs to suit your needs with guaranteed break/fix times

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